Experience spring in the most beautiful vineyards of Rheinhessen

New Wine Gourmet Walking Tour 03.10.2024 from 10.00 a.m

Spring Gourmet Walking Tour 13.04.2025

New Wine Gourmet Walking Tour 03.10.2024 from 10.00 a.m

Spring Gourmet Walking Tour 13.04.2025

7 kilometers of delicacies – the gourmet hike in the vineyards of Oppenheim and Dienheim

Culinary delights and Rhine-Hessian wine specialties await the guests of the Gourmet Walking Tour.

Socializing, culinary and a beautiful environment

The participants experience a leisurely day on a fascinating hiking trail in the Oppenheim and Dienheim top wine locations. Wine-highlights await the visitors directly from the vineyard, enriched with culinary delights. Even the small hiking boots come in the children fun parks fully at their expense. An event for the whole family!

Wines that inspire

The winemakers present the current vintage, which inspires not only wine experts. Light, aromatic wines: Whether Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, Silvaner or Gewürztraminer.

The Oppenheimer Schlemmerwanderung on TV!

See you again soon for the Gourmet Walking Tour in Oppenheim.

Source: SWR

A treat for all senses​!

The Gourmet Walking Tour is an experience for colleagues, acquaintances, friends and the whole family, for young and old. The 7-kilometer route is suitable for people of all ages.

Stroll along historic pathways on which the hardworking people have planted and cultivated their fields by hand for hundreds of years.

Both then and even now, this has resulted in selected and high-quality wines which have achieved national as well as international acclaim. Walk along seven kilometers through these historical and picturesque vineyards in Oppenheim and Dienheim.

You can be assured of top-quality wines, extensive culinary offers such as hearty wild game delicacies, delicious sweets, BBQ, tasty sauces and marinades, fresh salads and much more. The Gourmet Walking is a festival for the entire family! Among other things, enjoy fun and games with the legendary children’s rally.

We are very pleased to welcome you to Oppenheim – renowned as a wine-growing city, with the home of the German Viticultural Museum (Deutschen Weinbaumuseum) and particularly well-known for the wine from the expansive winegrowing area known as Oppenheimer Krötenbrunnen. The town’s famous landmark can be seen from the historical market square: the St. Katherine’s Church (Katharinenkirche) in Oppenheim. This prestigious church is one of the most-important Gothic churches on the Rhine River between Strasbourg and Cologne.

The admission price to the Gourmet Walking Tour is included with the purchase of a limited edition festival glass for only 3.50€. We look forward to your participation – simply come by and take a leisurely hike through the vineyards. You will be welcomed in English by our friendly staff at all of the stands along the Gourmet Walking Tour.

Here is all the information at a glance

  • Experience the 7 kilometer walking tour through the picturesque vineyards of Oppenheim and Dienheim.
  • For the entire family! Fun and games with the children’s rally.
  • The price of admission is included with the purchase of a limited edition festival glass for 3.50 €
  • INFO+START points with information regarding the Gourmet Walking Tour, starting point packet with festival glass, a glass of welcoming wine/sparkling wine and wine glass holder.