Information & Arrival

Experience 7 kilometers through the picturesque Oppenheimer and Dienheimer vineyards.

At your well – with Rheinhessen wine specialties!

  • You simply pay for your entrance with our new limited edition glass for 2,50 Euro
  • INFO + START points with information on the Schlemmerstrecke, starter package with glass, welcome wine / Secco and wine glass holder
  • RPR1. Live on site

By car

If you arrive by car to the Gourmet Walking Tour, we recommend you to enter the address to one of these parking spaces in your navigation device or specify in your route planning as a destination. The way from the parking to the area is signposted. Please note that parking on site can be chargeable.

The following parking spaces are available:

Wormser Straße 112
55276 Oppenheim

Größere Kartenansicht

Sant‘-Ambrogio-Ring 1
55276 Oppenheim

Größere Kartenansicht

Sant‘-Ambrogio-Ring 2
55276 Oppenheim

Größere Kartenansicht

Amtsgerichtsplatz 2
55276 Oppenheim

Größere Kartenansicht

By bus and train

The Gourmet Walking Tour can be easily reached by bus and train. The paths on site are signposted from the exit at the station. Special advantage of the arrival by bus and train: Even the journey is relaxing and an annoying search for a parking space is eliminated. Even with alcoholic beverages, the return trip is nothing in the way.

On the day of the Gourmet Walking Tour special trains are available for arrival and departure.

Start travel information of Deutsche Bahn

Train times MZ – Oppenheim:
9:52 am reinforced train
10:22 clock
10:52 reinforced train
11:22 clock
11:52 am reinforced train

Train times Oppenheim – MZ:
16:17 reinforced train
16:47 clock
17:17 reinforced train
17:47 clock
18:17 reinforced train

Train times WO – Oppenheim:
9:25 clock
9:55 am reinforced train
10:25 clock
10:55 am reinforced train
11:25 clock

Train times Oppenheim – WO:
15:44 clock
16:14 clock reinforced train
16:57 clock
17:14 clock reinforced train
17:44 clock